Enhance your services and expand your reach.

Data consumption is growing exponentially in all regions and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are continuously playing a game of catch-up with growing capacity demand.
With one of the largest modern subsea networks in the region spanning 45,000+ km, we provide unmatched connectivity and capacity to ISPs looking to grow their business in Central America, the Caribbean and the Andean region.
The key to great customer experiences and even greater market share.

Unmatched speeds and prices

Partner with us to add capacity to your network, enhance your service plans and increase reliability with our diverse subsea routes. We have the fastest speeds and lowest latency in the market at an affordable price per Mbps.

Capacity on demand

We handle most of the data traffic in the region. Our network, systems and teams are able to provision 10 Gig circuits in minutes while proactively detecting and responding to network issues as they arise.

When & where you need us

With a presence in over 40 countries across the region and a network capable of reaching many of your country's main cities, we can provide reliable access and an easy way to turn up new services wherever you are.

Real customer success:

Partnering gets it done

Listen to this incredible story of the partnership between Liberty Networks and an Operator in Guatemala, outlining how we worked together to connect local businesses and grow our combined revenues.

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Liberty Networks is a true partner for your expansion and growth across the region. We are flexible, responsive, and we have the best network.


Julio Espinal - Senior Solutions Architect - Liberty Networks

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